Month: July 2007

Role Model

I don’t believe professional athletes should be role models. I believe parents should be role models…. It’s not like it was when I was growing up. My mom and my grandmother told me how it was going to be. Parents have to take better control. ~Charles Barkley

We are our child’s best role models. Don’t ever forget that, and we have set the best example for them. Athletes, musicians, and stars will never be able replace real role models like parents. You might not realize it yet but to your kids you are a rock star. read more

Life is Short

Do you ever put off doing something for and with your kids ? I know I do sometimes. I sometimes take it for granted that I would have another chance to do it at a later time. However, life is unpredictable . An example of this is the sad story of Osman Diallo.

Mr. Diallo was a shop owner ,father, and husband. He came from Africa to seek a better life for his family. He was a well liked family man. Everyday, he showed his friends a picture of his daughter ,who was born in January,he never met. He was shot to death in a botched robbery this week.You can find the entire story at . read more

Balanced Parenting

Do you ever feel that you don’t spend enough time with your kids ? Join the club.For working dads and moms that cause us to feel guilty and unhappy. You don’t have to feel that way. No I am not going to tell you to quite your jobs and become a full- time parent. That sound like a nice option though . However, I will inform you of 5 ways to balance your work work and parenting life.

1.Leave work at work:
When you are at home you belong to your family. You should realize that you have been working ALL day and now it is their time. GIVE them their time. Make sure that you spend at least 2 hour everyday with your children. They have right over you and one of their rights is that you spend time with them. Leave your work at the office. Your job will be there but the opportunity to bond with your kids will surely be lost if you don’t grab it NOW.

2.Take a Day Off:

We love our jobs some much that some of us find more pleasure going to work than spending time with our families. But this is not you. Your take days off and take your kids to various places. Most importantly you take time off to show your kids that they are important to you. read more