Reconnecting with your kids

The other day I went to my aunt’s house ,and she told me something that surprised me.
She told me that kids who go to her son’s school cut school after their parents drop them off. When the school calls the parents , the parents claim their child would not do such a thing. This is a big problem because parents are in denial,and they don’t know their own kids.

But this is not you. You strive to connect with your kids on a daily basis. You want to know how their day went, who they are chatting with, what videos they like on YouTube and what problems they face.

If you are still finding it difficult or impossible to talk or to your kids, then today’s advice will help you.

Talk to them:
This might be obvious ,but we are so busy we seldom talk to them. Believe it or not they want us to ask them how their day was, what they are doing in school, or why they had a fight with their best friend.

Great hobby:
We should be interested in their hobbies. My daughter likes to go for walks ,build with Legos and eat popsicle .You should know what three of their hobbies are if you want to get to know them better. Knowing their hobbies will be a great way bridge a gap we might have with them.

Fears Factor:

Everyone have fears including our kids. Realize that because they don’t talk about it does not mean they don’t have fears. So,how will you know their fears ? Simple, ask them. Ask them what scares them about a particular situation.

Family Time:
Every family should have family time. What is family time ? Is it sitting together silently eating and watching TV of Youtube Videos? Absolutely not! The main attraction at family night should be your kids and their episodes. Their stories are real and entertaining. They have real Fear Factors and they are the real American Idols and they have Got Talent. Turn off the TV and Turn on conversations with your children. They want you to care about them;even though sometime the tell you they hate you. If you don’t know why they hate you, then you might find 10 ways to make your kids hate you a good read.

Family Vacation:
Kids love take trips. They will open up to you and a least share how they feel about the trip.Several day after the trip, they will still tell you they had a good time. Try your best to make sure they have a good time. When they are outside DO NOT scold and embarrass them or try to be over controlling. They will hate the outing if you do so. Sometimes we have to relax the rules to have fun and taking a trip should be fun.

Talk to Them. 
Do something every day.