Perfect parenting

Is there really such a thing as perfect parenting ? Absolutely not! Life is not perfect;everyone makes mistakes. Parents have and will make mistakes, but we have to learn from those mistakes. Today, we will discuss some common mistake parents make and what we can do to improve.

Spoiling Child:
We should not give into our kids. We should not do whatever it takes to keep your kids happy all the time. Life is though ,and we have to able to tell them no sometimes. They can not have every toy and candy they see. Perfecting parenting is being able to say no to them without feeling guilty.

Quiet moment:

This may sound strange ,but you deserve some time to yourself ,so you could serve them better. Kids are very demanding and to practice perfect parenting you have to be well rested and motivated. Since my wife is a stay at home mom, I try to take my daughter out for a least an hour everyday to give my wife a break. My wife loves and takes wonderful care of our daughter ,but she needs her time to just relax. Perfect parenting could get very stressful, so we have to help our partners.

Not Learning From your mistakes:
As I stated earlier,being a perfect parent is almost impossible but learning from our mistake is a must. We will make mistake but what is important is what and how we learn from our mistakes. We are not born with parenting skill;rather, we learn them as we go alone. Don’t worry I sometimes feel like I don’t know what I am doing .The important things is be involved in your child’s upbringing.

Perfect parenting requires making mistakes. Do something everyday.