How to teach your kids to be responsible

Do you sometimes find yourself wondering how could my kid be so irresponsible ?
Don’t feel bad we all do at one time or the other.We want our kids to be responsible, respectful, and kind to others. Where do we start? Today we will focus on how we could teach our children to become more responsible.

Show responsible behavior:
Parents are remodels. Our kids observe and imitate us. If we get angry and upset, then they will have similar traits. Nothing is wrong with getting upset but how we react will matter. We have to show them by our speech and action how to be responsible.For example,if we are late getting home because we were chatting with a friend , then we should apologize to them instead of making excuses or worst case scenario lie to them. Our kids learn will that honesty is the best policy.

Don’t be afraid to talk to them:
We love our kid so much that we let them get away with bad behavior. Our kids need to know when they do something that is not right. Our daughter use to rip out the pages for our magazines, and we would tell her that is a no no. We told her that she had to read it not rip it. She eventually got the message. Children are very smart; we just have to tach them the right from the wrong. Some parents are afraid to correct their children because they fear their child will love them less. If we don’t help them to improve and become more responsible then we really don’t love them. Our responsibly is the teach and cultivate them to be the best they can be. Allowing them to get away with being irresponsible and mischievous is being irresponsible.

Rewards Them:
Rewarding them will reinforce that being responsible is praise worthy. We can not assume that kids know how to be responsible. It is a skill like other skill that has to be taught. When our kids do something that is irresponsible, we are quick to ridicule them;when they show that they are responsible, we tend to ignore it. A reward does not have to be $100 or a new toy;rather you simply tell them that your are proud of them ,and they they are being good. Telling them a good word is worth more than any material reward. Our kids want to know that we value them and their efforts.

love and responsibility