Day Off

When was the last time you took a day off? I took a day off a couple of weeks ago.
I want share a few things every parent should do when they take a day off.

Sleep Late if Possible:
Most of us have the regular 9-5 jobs so sleeping late will be relaxing.
It also make your brain know today will be different for the regular routine.

Go Some where New:
Your day off should be filled with a least one new activity. We went to the see the Aquarium and dolphin show.It was our daughter’s first time.Our daughter loved it. We saw sting rays, jelly fishes, and even sharks.

Take a walk:
Since my wife spends more time with my daughter, when I am home I try to have D&D time. I try to have daddy and daughter time. Belive it or not our children like dad as well as mom to spend time with them.

Don’t work:
Day off
 means no work. Don’t check your email or take calls. There might be some emergencies. However,when was the last time an emergency was really an emergency ?

Take a day off; your kids will love you for doing so, and you will also get to do what you are really passionate about spending time with your kids.