Ways to increase your kids self esteem

Put all excuses aside and remember this: YOU are capable.
~Zig Ziglar

In a nutshell ,self esteem is how we feel and think about ourselves. If we have high self esteem ,then we tend to live happier and productive lives. If we have low self esteem, the we live a miserable and unproductive life. Today, our children’s self esteem are at a all time low. Our kids are not happy with themselves and are taking all kinds of “Happy” drugs to be “Normal”. Parents can help their children to increase their self esteem. Today, we will discuss three simple ways parents can increase their kids self esteem.

1.Be a good example:
If we don’t have high self esteem then how do we expect our children to have high self esteem.We have to realize that we are our children’s first teachers and role models. They will eat like us, walk like us and even have the same level of self esteem as us.

2.Be Available:
Our kids feel unimportant because we are not there for them. Even when we are home, we sometimes become busy with watching television,talking on the phone, and surfing the Internet. We must do those things when they are are not starving for our attention. I am guilty of this myself. As a result, my wonderful daughter has damaged two laptop keyboard. I am trying to improve. I am happy to report that things have been gotten better. I try to go online when she is asleep or busy playing with her mom. Good parenting is built on continuous self evaluation and improvement.

3.A Good words:
The things way say to our kids could raise their their self esteem or low it. Did you praise your child the last time they did something good ? If you did not make sure you do next time they do something good. Praising them tends increase their self esteem and increase their sense of value. When they do something incorrect of bad don’t insult them. They will hate you and themselves if you do so. Don’t ever tell your child he is stupid. If kids think their parents feel they are stupid, then those same kids will feel the world thinks they are stupid. We may not realize it yet, but we mean the world to our children. If they make mistakes, then you have to explain to them in a constructive, calm and caring manner how they should correct themselves.

We only have one life to live, so we should live it by continuously increasing our self esteem and our kids self esteem as well. Everyone deserve to have life a happy and productive life.

Do something every day.