Balanced Parenting

Do you ever feel that you don’t spend enough time with your kids ? Join the club.For working dads and moms that cause us to feel guilty and unhappy. You don’t have to feel that way. No I am not going to tell you to quite your jobs and become a full- time parent. That sound like a nice option though . However, I will inform you of 5 ways to balance your work work and parenting life.

1.Leave work at work:
When you are at home you belong to your family. You should realize that you have been working ALL day and now it is their time. GIVE them their time. Make sure that you spend at least 2 hour everyday with your children. They have right over you and one of their rights is that you spend time with them. Leave your work at the office. Your job will be there but the opportunity to bond with your kids will surely be lost if you don’t grab it NOW.

2.Take a Day Off:

We love our jobs some much that some of us find more pleasure going to work than spending time with our families. But this is not you. Your take days off and take your kids to various places. Most importantly you take time off to show your kids that they are important to you.

3.Get organized:
We come to work early and leave late because we can’t get our work done. As a result, we become frustrated with our jobs,bosses, and kids. It does not have to be that way. One of the best book I ever read was Time Trap. This book shows how to manage your life and job. Your job is ONLY part of your life;it is not your life. In short, the books emphasizes that we must be goal oriented. If you mentally go over the task you need the do tomorrow, then you could save yourself several hours at work you could spend that time with your family.

4.Learn From You Mistakes:
If you have been reading this blog, then you realize that there is not such thing as perfect parenting. We will make mistakes ,and we have made mistakes ,but we should learn from those mistakes and move on. Turn a new page with your kids from today. Yes, we have all made mistakes ,but we should not dwell on them forever. We have to improve and move on.

5.Write down your goals:
We want to change and when we try to change our plans fall apart. I have found that writing things down help me accomplish them. If say you want to spend at least two hour with your kids, then write that down and make it part of your to do list. You will be surprised to see that you will find that two hours.

Parenting is not easy. But being an unbalanced parent makes it much more difficult.
Don’t give up. Do something everyday.