Month: July 2007

Reconnecting with your kids

The other day I went to my aunt’s house ,and she told me something that surprised me.
She told me that kids who go to her son’s school cut school after their parents drop them off. When the school calls the parents , the parents claim their child would not do such a thing. This is a big problem because parents are in denial,and they don’t know their own kids.

But this is not you. You strive to connect with your kids on a daily basis. You want to know how their day went, who they are chatting with, what videos they like on YouTube and what problems they face. read more

Perfect parenting

Is there really such a thing as perfect parenting ? Absolutely not! Life is not perfect;everyone makes mistakes. Parents have and will make mistakes, but we have to learn from those mistakes. Today, we will discuss some common mistake parents make and what we can do to improve.

Spoiling Child:
We should not give into our kids. We should not do whatever it takes to keep your kids happy all the time. Life is though ,and we have to able to tell them no sometimes. They can not have every toy and candy they see. Perfecting parenting is being able to say no to them without feeling guilty.

Quiet moment:

This may sound strange ,but you deserve some time to yourself ,so you could serve them better. Kids are very demanding and to practice perfect parenting you have to be well rested and motivated. Since my wife is a stay at home mom, I try to take my daughter out for a least an hour everyday to give my wife a break. My wife loves and takes wonderful care of our daughter ,but she needs her time to just relax. Perfect parenting could get very stressful, so we have to help our partners. read more

How to teach your kids to be responsible

Do you sometimes find yourself wondering how could my kid be so irresponsible ?
Don’t feel bad we all do at one time or the other.We want our kids to be responsible, respectful, and kind to others. Where do we start? Today we will focus on how we could teach our children to become more responsible.

Show responsible behavior:
Parents are remodels. Our kids observe and imitate us. If we get angry and upset, then they will have similar traits. Nothing is wrong with getting upset but how we react will matter. We have to show them by our speech and action how to be responsible.For example,if we are late getting home because we were chatting with a friend , then we should apologize to them instead of making excuses or worst case scenario lie to them. Our kids learn will that honesty is the best policy. read more

Day Off

When was the last time you took a day off? I took a day off a couple of weeks ago.
I want share a few things every parent should do when they take a day off.

Sleep Late if Possible:
Most of us have the regular 9-5 jobs so sleeping late will be relaxing.
It also make your brain know today will be different for the regular routine.

Go Some where New:
Your day off should be filled with a least one new activity. We went to the see the Aquarium and dolphin show.It was our daughter’s first time.Our daughter loved it. We saw sting rays, jelly fishes, and even sharks. read more

Ways to increase your kids self esteem

Put all excuses aside and remember this: YOU are capable.
~Zig Ziglar

In a nutshell ,self esteem is how we feel and think about ourselves. If we have high self esteem ,then we tend to live happier and productive lives. If we have low self esteem, the we live a miserable and unproductive life. Today, our children’s self esteem are at a all time low. Our kids are not happy with themselves and are taking all kinds of “Happy” drugs to be “Normal”. Parents can help their children to increase their self esteem. Today, we will discuss three simple ways parents can increase their kids self esteem. read more

Temper Tantrums

Parenting is wonderful but sometime it could get overwhelming. One of those time is when your child throw temper tantrums.Aurelia Williams has great post over at her blog that give some tips on how to avoid temper tantrums.

Her tips include:

1.Don’t Let them get over tired-this is the major cause of temper tantrums.

2.Give them time-Children don’t like to be rushed. So the next time you think about rushing your child to finish getting dressed avoid doing so.

These are two easy and quick ways to avoid temper tantrums. read more