Quick tips to get your kids to share

Do you find yourself find it difficult to get your kid to share?Sharing is not a skills that comes naturally. It has to be taught. Today, we are going to discuss 5 ways you can get you kids to start sharing.

1.Show them how to share:
We can teach our children a lot by our example alone.Try this.Get two pieces of something and give a piece to your spouse or better to your child.

2.Tell them to share:
Children do listen to their parents contrary to popular belief. Reinforce what you are trying to teach them by telling them to share.

3.Praise them:
Children remember when we praise them.If they happen to share, then tell them that they are a good baby and even cheer them on.

4.Tell them when other are sharing:
Kids observe everything around them. Kids sometimes need to see people other than their parents doing actions to learn. If you see someone is sharing , then you should tell your child that those people are sharing.

5.Don’t give up
It may seem hopeless ,but you have to realize that every child is different. They take different times to accomplish similar skills. Your child will share their love your if you have patience with them.