Ways for parents to save money online

Having a family and/or living on one income could be very expensive.
Here are some tips to help you save money by using the internet .

1)Lower Your Phone Bill:
Connect with faraway family members by using inexpensive Internet phone service like Skype.

2) Promo Codes:
If you’re an Internet shopper check for online coupons.Just go to Goggle and type in the store name and promo code.

3)Cheap Books:
Love to read books but hate the cost of books check this site out paperbackswap.com mailing cost about $1.59 when you print out the site mailing list.

4)Cheap Diapers
Check babycheapskate.com out it has the latest deals on diapers,formulas and other baby necessities.

5) Free Cycle
Why throw away stuff if someone else wants or needs it.At Freecycle.org your trash is somebody else’s treasure and vice versa just sign up for it.