Baby on board

Guide to flying with a toddler without losing your mind.

1. Timing is very important:
Fly on the least travel days (Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday) .Avoid late afternoon flights.Choose a non stop flight (if you can afford one).

2.Best Seats:
Make reservation early to get the best seats,(which is towards the back of the plane since its closer to the bathroom and empty seats are more available there).Also if you book online, book directly from the airlines. Booking from agent is to much headache.

3.Pack Smartly:
Pack items in clear plastic bag, so you can see and grab them quickly.Don’t forget to pack an extra suit of clothes for baby and you. Also pack your baby favorite foods,books and toys.Pack in a baby bag that you will store next to you store next.

4.Controlled Airport chaos :
You should arrive early to check in luggage.

5.Sit Easy through Security:
Find out whether there’s a family friendly security lane which can reduce your wait time,also wear slip on shoes for easier security checks and  inform security about the contents which you know will trigger the alarm.