Easy Weight Loss

Today, I will share with you how I lost the weight.

Weight Loss Help

When You Believe:

You have to believe that you can lose weight and that you will do whatever it takes to reach your goal. Write and revisit your goals as often as possible. Sometimes the biggest reason for our failure is ourselves. Don’t tell yourself that you can’t do it; rather, ask yourself HOW I am going to do it. Will consuming that can of soda and doughnut help you lose weight ? Will choosing a candy bar over an apple help you lose weight ? We know the answer to those questions. But sometimes we are reluctant to make the right decisions. Believing that you can lose weight is the first step to success ,but you have to follow up your intentions with actions.

Sugar Free:

Before I started trying to loose weight ,I use to put one spoon of sugar in my coffee. Sometimes, I would have 2 coffees a day and that adds up to 14 spoons of sugar a week. I have not been using sugar for the past three weeks. It was hard at first to give up the taste, but I got use to it. You know what,coffee really taste delicious without the sugar.

Eat less, Eat More Often:

I usually take my lunch to work everyday. You should consider doing so if you want to save $100 a month. I divided my sandwich into two. I would eat the first have at 1230pm and the second half a 330 pm. After one week, my body adjusted to this.

Eat Fruits:

I snaked on fruits twice a day. I ate apples, oranges, and bananas. I would snack before and after lunch. After a couple of weeks, I got use to eating fruits everyday.

Move More:

I tried to walk and jog as much a possible. I started by taking long walks for two weeks, then I started to jog for the next three week. A combination of walking and jogging has helped me lose weight.

Weigh More Often:

Weigh yourself weekly. I started weighing myself weekly because I wanted to know if my efforts were paying off and they were. If found that I did not lose weight one week, I would review my diet and make changes

Avoid Fruit Juice:

Fruit juices have tons of sugar in them. If you want the taste of orange, then eat an orange.

Reword yourself:

Losing weight does not have to be a punishment. I usually have ice cream and juice on the weekends.

Don’t go overboard because healthy weight loss takes time.

What are your weight loss tips ?