I am not a big fan of father’s day ,even though I am a father.However, I am a big fan of my father. I love my father dearly and that love has to be there everyday not only once ,twice a year , or only on holiday.Today I will discuss some lessons I learned from my father.

My Father The Hero:

My dad has not done anything to be consider a super hero by some but the things he has taught me has made him my super hero. My dad does not speak much;rather he likes to set examples. When we came to this  country, my dad took odd jobs to help us survive ,and we survived. He does not have a college degree,but he is very intelligent. He did what we he had to do to make sure that we had clothes to on our backs, food in our mouths, and  a good education.My brother and I both have college degrees. Thanks you dad for the sacrifices  you made for us. He taught us to never give up no matter how difficult things get. He taught us to be loyal to ourselves and those around us. Most importantly he taught us to be content with what we have in life.

Thanks dad.

Father’s Day is everyday.