Yesterday, I was sick so my husband stayed home to help me with my active toddler.I caught the flue virus from him .My daughter was so happy to see him home.

She is a daddies girl.She always bosses him around. She takes him around the apartment and point to stuff she wants. He listens her. I tell him that she loves him more than me ,but he always says no.Whenever it is time to eat and sleep, she looks for me.

I want her to be closer to her dad.Yesterday, most of the day I was sleeping, so she did allow him to feed her and put her to sleep.He felt so happy. I think she feels he doesn’t know how to do these stuff for her ,but he does.Whenever she missed me, she took his hand and looked for me. I had to hide from her ,so I could recover. She loves her schedule and whenever he is home it doesn’t go right .She always wants him to play and read books all the time.She also loves when he takes her outside.She gets his shoe and hers waits by the door for him to take her out side.At night she was so tired she went to sleep earlier she normally does.

Is your husband close to your children ? What activities do they do together ?

Daddy Little Girl