10 ways to make your kids hate you

1.Ignoring them:

We are some busy with our jobs,friends, education, and ourself. When was the last time we spent time being busy with our children and family. Yes, we sometimes have to work late ,but I am sure that their are thing in our live we could give up that will enable us to spend more time with our children. They simply need us to be around and listen to them. When was the last time you sat down with you kids and found out how their day was ?

2.Screaming :

We sometimes have to change the tone of our voice to discipline our children but
that should only be sometimes. Some parents yell at their kids too loud and too often.
Our children will become scared of us instead of loving us. Everything has to be done in moderation.

3.Not trusting them

Some kids are like magnets that attract trouble, but we sometimes have to give them the benefits of the doubt. On occasions,when something went missing we blame our daughter because she is the easiest target. I mean, she can’t even say that she did not do it at least not yet anyway.
When your child says believe me, we have to try believe them. Also, if we want them to tell the truth then we must be exceptional examples.

4.Insulting them

Most of us don’t do this verbally. Some of us do. How could someone call their child lazy,fat, or unintelligent without helping or trying to help their child get over those obstacles. If we want them to be smarter , then we must spend more time teaching them. Children are starving for our attention.

5.Don’t Visit them

Some children are living with a divorced or single parent and the other parents does not visit. have seen that some children stay with mom during the week and dad during the weekend. That is great. I have also seen parents that don’t want to be part of their children’s lives. Children don’t forget easily. They will remember growing up and feeling that Dad or Mom does not care about me. Visiting them today will cause them to love you tomorrow.

6.Treating them unfairly
Having more than one child can be a challenge, but the real challenge is treating them equally. You should not favor one child more than the other. When they have fights, you should not take sides;rather you should have them resolve it. If that is not possible then, you moderate their case. Don’t take sides.

7.Too Controlling

They are your kids, but they have their own minds. Some of us cant’ stand seeing our kids do things differently than we do. Some of our children are more smart,fast , and creative than us.
We should not feel threatened;rather we should feel fortunate. If they are not getting into trouble, then we must let them be.

8.Always Serious

Kids love fun. Being up tight might be good for the office but not when you get home. Your kids are looking forward to laugh and have fun with you. They don’t want a ridged drill Sargent; rather, they want a flexible and fun parent. When was the last time you laughed with them or made them laugh ?

9. Not taking care of yourself

Kids don’t like to see their parents in harms way. When they see us putting ourself in harms way they get angary and worried about us. If your are living a high risk lifestyle, then you must figure out how to change your lifestyle. Our lifestyle could cause us our lives. Our children will not live a happy life without us.

10.Treat your spouse well

Our children hate when their mom or Dad is hurt. Being hurt is not only physical it could also be verbal. Don’t verbally abuse you spouse or anyone else. What type of example is the for our children. Always they to have a tranquil relationship. If you disagree with you spouse, then argue in private.

Everyone wants their children to love them.Avoiding them hating us will also cause them to love us. If we know what they hate ,then we will try to avoid doing those things.