Playful Parenting

Parents  Guide to Discipline
NO yelling, NO Timeouts, using FUN solutions could get your kids to do the right thing.

1. Not listening: 
There’s  nothing scarier than watching your toddler heading straight into the streets.While your yelling stop ,but they don’t respond.

Fun Solution: 
Crank up the music and danced around with you kids then switch it off and say freeze.They will freeze.When they get really good at the game try it without the music.Then start practicing outside;believe me the freezing game is fun and it really works.

2.Emptying drawers and cabinets:

Every mom dreads when you lock up and baby proof almost everything and your child still finds finds some wicked way to get in.For more on baby proofing click here.

Fun Solution:
Walk around the house with your child and when he or she goes for the cabinet ,you say either this is for you with a smile or not for you.After a few rounds instead of lunging forward for the door, he will be looking up to see which phrase you are saying and this game could be used while traveling as well.So when you go to a friend’s house take a few moments to do this .It really helps you when you are socializing.

3.Silliness in all the wrong places.

When your kids seems to do silliness in serious places such as the museums.

Fun solution:
Before your kids walk into serious places tell them to take their silliness and put them in their pockets.When they leave those places, tell them they can take out their silliness from their pockets.

If the rules are fun, then they will follow the rules.
Parenting does not always have always be ridge it can and should be fun.