Five Tips to save you at least $100 a month

Raising children is not cheap so every cent saved will be well spent.

Do you find yourself not being able to save a penny every month .
Don’t worry these tips will help you start saving at least $100 every month.
If you save $100 a month then you would have saved $1200 a year.

1. Brown Bag it.

If you pay $10 for lunch everyday, you could save as much as $200 a month by bring your lunch to work. The key here is to make your lunch interesting. If you carry peanut butter and jelly everyday, you could get bored real fast and start buying lunch again.

2. Don’t buy new.
Amazon and eBay have great used stuff. For those of you who can’t resist getting it, whatever it is also check out your local bargain store or Craig’s List for great deals. You must compare prices if you want to save money. The first deal you find might not be the best deal.

3. Avoid the vending machine 
A typical snack consisting of a candy bar and soda is about 2 dollars. You could buy snack in bulk size at your grocery store and spent only $20 per month compared to $40 at the machine.

4. Make a grocery List
We tend to buy more of what we don’t need when we don’t have a grocery list. Did we really need those cookies, chips, and dips ? I don’t think so;I know when I pick them up they were not on my list. Also stick to your list.

5. Examine Your Cell Phone Bill. 
It is very easy to get stuck with extra fees. Don’t just assume that your bill is correct; sometimes, you could opt out of extra functions and save a bundle. If you are going over the minutes on your current plan, then you might save more by upgrading your current plan. If you are not happy with your current provider ,then you should shop around.

Think of the fun things you could use an extra $100 for. If you don’t plan to use it for fun, then it would sure come in handy for diapers and formula. Or you could use your annual saving $1200 for family vacation.