Month: June 2007

Quick tips to get your kids to share

Do you find yourself find it difficult to get your kid to share?Sharing is not a skills that comes naturally. It has to be taught. Today, we are going to discuss 5 ways you can get you kids to start sharing.

1.Show them how to share:
We can teach our children a lot by our example alone.Try this.Get two pieces of something and give a piece to your spouse or better to your child.

2.Tell them to share:
Children do listen to their parents contrary to popular belief. Reinforce what you are trying to teach them by telling them to share. read more

Ways for parents to save money online

Having a family and/or living on one income could be very expensive.
Here are some tips to help you save money by using the internet .

1)Lower Your Phone Bill:
Connect with faraway family members by using inexpensive Internet phone service like Skype.

2) Promo Codes:
If you’re an Internet shopper check for online coupons.Just go to Goggle and type in the store name and promo code.

3)Cheap Books:
Love to read books but hate the cost of books check this site out mailing cost about $1.59 when you print out the site mailing list. read more

Child Safety – Drowning Dangers

Ways to keep your kids safe this summer at the pool,beach or in the backyard even if they can swim.

1.Bathtub and Pools:
Babies and toddlers can even drown even in a inch of water,which makes bathtub and wading pools both hazardous.

2. Don’t leave your kids alone:
Even if they know how to swim they can still drown in a pool.
The best swimmer can get a cramp or hit their heads while diving. Adult supervision is always necessary.

3.Pay Attention:
Some may say that they can flip through magazine or talk on the phone while my kids swim. However,kids can slip underwater and drown quickly so its vital to be attentive at all times. read more

Bad Behavior

The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.
John F. Kennedy

Ignoring a problem will not make it go away. If our children have a bad habit or behavior, then we must help them improve. Letting it go will only hurt our children more. They need to know that there are limits in life.

Our daughter used to pull our blinds for fun. We did not allow her to do so and when she did, we put her on time out. She cried, but she needed to know that pulling down the blinds is a no no.Eventually, she stopped pulling down the blinds. read more

Baby on board

Guide to flying with a toddler without losing your mind.

1. Timing is very important:
Fly on the least travel days (Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday) .Avoid late afternoon flights.Choose a non stop flight (if you can afford one).

2.Best Seats:
Make reservation early to get the best seats,(which is towards the back of the plane since its closer to the bathroom and empty seats are more available there).Also if you book online, book directly from the airlines. Booking from agent is to much headache.

3.Pack Smartly:
Pack items in clear plastic bag, so you can see and grab them quickly.Don’t forget to pack an extra suit of clothes for baby and you. Also pack your baby favorite foods,books and toys.Pack in a baby bag that you will store next to you store next. read more

Life Skills

“Never, never, never, never give up.”

~Winston Churchill

That is one and maybe the only skill we will ever need in life to be successful.

“Your children need your presence more than your presents.”
~Jesse Jackson

“I was Chris Gardner, father of a son who deserved better than what my daddy could do for me, son of Betty Jean Gardner who said that if I wanted to win I could win.”

~Chris Gardner