Tips on what baby stuff you will need

There are some essential that you will need for your baby. So here the are:

A place to sleep:

A bassinet until 3 months and later a crib.

Feeding your baby:

If your breastfeeding, then a nursing bra or sports bra are really good and lots of breast pads for leaks.If bottle feeding,then your will need a set of 6 bottles,a sterilizer and infant milk formula preferable powder milk.It is easier to digest when mixed with warm water.

Clothes for your baby:

For winter one-zee, jumpers and a one piece coat and two thick blankets.For the summer, vests and all in one outfits are appropriate.Don’t waste money on designer outfits they’re hard to wash and you’re baby will grow out of it quickly.Also you’ll need lots of diapers.

Getting out:

A baby seat and baby sling are a must.Don’t buy stroller until 6 months.Newborn stroller is bulky.The sling will work fine until then. I would recommend the Baby Bjorn carrier. It had been convenient and comfortable for us.

Shopping for baby essential is not easy but the tips provided above should help you.

Life is unpredictable but having the essentials should help.