Five Easy Ways To Spend Time With Your Kids

1. Call Them From Work

Calling them from work shows them you care. I call my daughter from work everyday. Even though, she does not speak yet, she will know that her dad is thinking about her. We sometime have some many meeting ,we forget to call our children. Set aside at least 10 minutes to call your child. Or just skip a coffee break and call you child. They will give you the energy you need to get through the day.

2. Email Them

We check our at least twice a day , so we have to opportunity to email our kids. Some children spend more time online than watching TV. Send them an email telling them that you love them and that you look forward to chatting about their day when you get home.

3. IM them

This might not be feasible for some of us but if you can IM them do so. Sometimes our children are looking attention in the wrong places. However, they will be very happy to know that mom or dad is checking up on me because they love me. Children like attention even if it is virtual.

4. Read To Them

I read to my daughter everyday. The time I spend with her reminds me how much she depends on me for the simple things in life. I know that there will come a time when she will be very independent and be too busy for us to have reading time. I sincerely advice every parent to read to your kids it will be the best time of their and your life.

5.Turn off the TV

Television time has taken the place of family time. We work all day and come home to greet our favorite programs with affection. Some of us ignore our children when our favorite program is on. Watching it with them is great but our time would have been better spent discussing how their day was. Talk to them and listen to them.

Spend Time With Your Kids.

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