Stealing and Children

Today, I saw something very shocking .I guess this problem exist, but we don’t see it often or we just ignore it.

I was doing my laundry today in the laundry mart when a teenager stole $5 from the lady that was working in the laundry mart.The teenager went to the lady and ask her to buy a water, she had to leave the area she was working to get the water.On the table where she was working, she mistakenly left a $5 there,and he picked it up and put it in his pocket..

At the same time, he saw me watching him .When the lady returned with the water, he gave the $5 back to her and told her that he found it on the floor.From the look on the lady’s face she didn’t believe him.When he walked past me with his water,and he told me that he gave the money back to her.I felt very sorry for him because it seems he has problem.I decided to write about it and give some tips on how to react to this problems if we encounter it.

Why kids steal

1. Peer Pressure:

Some kids steal because their friends or family members do it or because they might have been dared to do so. They might believe that their friends will like them more if they take risks.

2. Starving for attention:

Some kids steal because they feel something is missing in their lives. Maybe love and attention are missing. They are sad, scared, or angry that their parents are not paying attention to them.

3. Personal Problems:

They may be upset because their parents are arguing or getting divorced. A child might steal, in this case, to make up for something that’s missing in their life. But stealing won’t solve these problem.

If you know someone who steals, you shouldn’t just shrug it off. That’s like saying stealing is OK. You can tell the person that stealing is wrong or that you’re concerned about him or her, but they may get angry with you. It’s a good idea to tell a parent, teacher, counselor, or other adult that you trust. Then leave it up to them to decide how to handle the situation.