Hi, it’s mom here writing about life as mom.

Yesterday started out as a rainy day.I told my husband  that we would  stay home and do long delayed projects,and he agreed with me. However, our day turned out differently.

We woke up early, and  we ate breakfast .Then I started to make lunch ,so we could get an early start.

Around lunch time came a phone call from my brother in law saying he  has 2 tickets to the BIG APPLE CIRCUS and its for today.My husband and I decided it will be fun for our daughter.However, I was a little bit hesitant since she never went to a circus ,and it would be 3 hours long. I thought she was going to fall asleep, but she didn’t .She enjoyed the animals performing more than humans.She also insisted that the horses was dogs.She loves animals alot but will never try to touch them.

I also have a bit advice for parents.Whenever you go to the store never give into your baby no matter how much they scream for candies or toys.Because later in life you will regret it. We never gave into our daughter crying and fighting and today I don’t regret it. Now,whenever we go to the store she does not fight or scream for toys nor candies.Spoiling them today might spoil them for the rest of their life.