8 Ways to Conquer Clutter

“I wish I had a talent for dropping things as well as taking on new ones. It gets to be quite a  clutter after a while.”
                                                                                                 ~Joshua Lederberg

Life has a funny way of storing itself. We have things in our apartments that we have not used in years. After the birth of our daughter, we realize that we had to make space for her things. Unfortunately, we had clutter in our closets and study area. Getting rid of  clutter was not easy but it can be accomplished.

So if you find yourself  not being able to find your things,having too many thing you don’t use, not having enough space then these tip will help you conquer clutter.

1.Throw it away

Before I got married, I used to keep a lot of online articles that I did not use for months. After, I got married, my wife convinced me that I would not have use for those articles. If I needed the information ,then I could do research online to find it.

2. Get Storage Containers

Our closets used to be extremely cluttered ,and we never seemed to have enough space;storage containers solved that problem. We used to keep clothes for every season in our closets. When we got storage containers we stored clothes that were not being used for the current season. That gave us the extra space and sanity we needed.

3. Free Stuff is not Always Good

The amount of free stuff we’ve(mostly me) collected  at times became a clutter. I have collected mostly magazines, tee shirts, CDs and newspapers. If you will not use you freebie within one week then don’t accept it. When you are finished with it pass it on,if possible, to someone for free.

4. Give it Away

As the old saying goes one person’s trash is another person’s  treasure is true. Your clutter may not be trash. However,the fact that, you would not miss it if someone threw it out is proof that you don’t need it. For example,that pair of jeans and shirt that is sitting in our closet that we have not use for more than a year could greatly benefits someone. There a numerous charities and organizations who collect clothes for the needed. We need to give our clutter to those more in need.

5. Sell It

You might not want to give away or trash your expensive clutter. The solution is to sell it. You could sell it online on sites such as CraigsList or eBay. Trying a low tech approach such as having a garage sale could also lot work well.

6. Shred it

Some of us are so afraid of identity thief that we are ,rightfully, reluctant to throw away our person documents. The solution is to get a shredder. I used to have several years of banks statement ,before I got married. After I got married, my wife got tired of the clutter ,and she got a shredder and started shredding those statements. If you have not noticed yet, she can’t stand clutter. If we ever need to get a past statement or transaction log the bank will be able to go into their databases and access history files for our account.

7.Get Professional Help

Some health experts recognize that wanting to live in clutter as a sickness. I remember seeing a episode of Oprah that consisted of clutter addicts. She got them the professional help they needed ,and their lives changed for the better.Some of the guests did not believe they has a problem. They grew attached to their clutter so much that it became a norm to live with it. The lesson we learned for that episode is to get ride of clutter we have to view it a problem.

8. Create and Stick a Schedule

Staying clutter free is an ongoing mission. My wife and I take inventory of our minor clutter such as fliers and newspapers everyday. We evaluate our major clutters such as our clothes closet and bookshelf every three months. You should reflect daily on the clutter  and think about how to get rid of it.

It does time to get rid of the clutter but once you have a clutter avoidance plan stick to stick to it.

Also, a plan that is not implemented is clutter.

Let Go Of Clutter.