Be More Considerate

I would like you to imagine the following:

You board the 530 afternoon train ,and your baby is sleeping on your shoulder. All the seats are filled. No one in the the train offers you a seat, so you have to carry your sleeping baby on your shoulder for the 45 minutes ride until you get to your stop.

This is true story. It happens everyday and everywhere. I saw this yesterday while I was coming home from work. The parent was a dad and his 2 year old son. I was standing myself, but I would have liked to give him my seat if I had seat.

Today, we will talk about why people don’t give a break to parents or more general why we are sometimes inconsiderate of others.

There were a number of reasons why riders did’ not give up their seats. Most rider are tired at the end of the day and just want to relax. Some of them are reading and only see what is in their books. Others forgot what it is to be a parent. The last one is the saddest.

Being considerate is easier than being inconsiderate. I usually give my seat to the old,young, and pregnant. When I lose the opportunity to do so, I get a nagging feeling that I did something wrong. If we don’t give our seats to those who need it more than us, then we did do something wrong. When I see someone that is old, I think of that person as my grandmother or grand father. Sometime,I look at them ,and I think about the long journey of they have had to endure and that giving they a seat would make it a tiny bit easier. When I see parents, I know what they are going through ,and I happily give them my seat.
We don’t need a reason to do a good deed, but the reasons above should suffice.

Stand up for what is right!