5 way to protect your family and yourself from the sun

1. Wear Dark color clothing

Whenever you go out into the sun try to wear dark colored clothes. Dark colors provide more protection than light colors by preventing more UV rays from reaching your skin.

2. Wear a Wide Brim Hat

Wearing a wide brim hat protects you from the sun. Don’t wear baseball caps because they don’t protect your ears and neck. If you don’t like wearing a brim hat then a baseball cap is better than nothing.

3. Use Sunscreen

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) advises using sunscreen year round.They further state that even small doses of UV adds up. Also, the American Academy of Pediatric says that it’s safe to use small amounts of sunscreen on infants as young as 6 months. They warn that it should be kept away from infants’ eyes and mouths.

4. Stay Hydrated

When it gets hot it is easy for both adults and babies to become dehydrated.
Alway have water with your when you are outdoors. Children are so busy that they
sometimes forget or don’t feel thirsty. It is our responsibility to keep them hydrated.

5. Stay Inside

Try to keep your children inside.If you must go outside, then try to stay in the shade.
Avoid going outside between 10AM to 4PM because the sun rays are strongest then.