Healthy Living Tips

Losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle is on of the most difficult task we will had to deal with in life. I’ve lost weight in the past ,and I am currently trying to lose some.

Today, I will share with you some strategies that I used to lose weight.

Tips To Living Healthy:
1.Set Goals:

The first step I implemented was to mentally decided that I wanted to loose weight.
I set a goal of losing X number of weight by X date. Writing down my goals helped
me stay motivated and on track.

2.Start Small:

I decided to make small change that helped me lose weight. I drank less soda and more water. Instead of driving five block to the grocery store,I walked. Presently, I rarely drink soda.

3.Eat Breakfast:

I used to skip breakfast because I wanted to lose weight. I ended up eating a larger lunch and sometimes over ate. Ironically, research has shown that skipping breakfast could lead to weight gain.

4.Family weight loss:

Exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a family affair. My wife and I try to take regular walks. When she sees me eating or drinking something unhealthy she reminded me of my diet. As parent we must take steps to protect our health as well as the health of our family members.

5.Do as I say,not As I do:

Our children follow our lifestyle. If we have an unhealthy lifestyle, then our children tend to have unhealthy lifestyle. They eat and drink the some food we consume. Research has shown that overweight parents tend to have overweight children. Childhood obesity is a devastating problem worldwide. We can’t tell our children not to consume certain foods ,and we consume the same foods. For example, we might tell our children that potatoes chips are unhealthy ,but we end up eating chips ourselves. Parents are the best and foremost examples for children.

Improving our health today could lead to a better tomorrow.
Our children will need in 20 years as much as they need us today.

Better healthy living starts today.