The Pursuit Of Happyness

We watched The Pursuit Of Happyness yesterday, and it really put some things in perspective for me. Sometimes thing may seem difficult but when I reflect the dedication that father had, I realize that I have it easy.

When I reflect on my fatherhood and life so far ,and I realize that I need to improve the following.

Do more:

I will try to be more involved in my daughter upbring.I will try too change my daughter’s diapers more often. I will try to give her baths more often. In short, I will try to do more. I do help my wife but there is always room for improvement.

Stay Balanced:

I am staring school next week ,and I am afraid that my time would not be distributed evenly.When I am in school, I need to manage my time so that my family get the time they deserve.

Improved Health:

I have been a bit negligent about my weight. I the past 4 years I have gained over 25 pounds and that puts in the obese category like most American. We have to take care our health or else we might be there for our children due to our illnesses. I know this is easier said than done but it can be accomplished by doing such things as consuming less sweet, drinking more water, and taking walks.

Don’t Give Up:

When things seem difficult, stick with it. Our life will be sweeter when we face our obstacles and overcome them. What type of example are we setting for our children when we give up ?
I remember in the movies Chris told his son never to let someone tell you can’t do some thing, even me. Sometimes we have to keep at it because life is not alway smoother.

I recommend the movie to every family and anyone who wants a better life.

Don’t give up!