Baby Proofing

Small children are injured and killed everyday while their parents are inches away.
The sad part is that some of these tragedies could have been avoided.You maybe asking yourself how. Today we will offer some advice that could save your child’s life.

When our daughter started to crawl and stroll around the apartment she was constantly putting herself in harms way. We did some research and found some ways to protect her. We discovered that we had to baby proof our home.

The following are some methods we used to baby proof our home.

Cover Electrical Outlets:

Babies are very curious; they like to put their finger in any opening they can find.
Covering the electrical outlet deterred our daughter from possibly getting electrocuted.

Cut Blind String:

When she started to walk, she loved to pull and eat the strings on our blinds. She could have choked or strangled herself. We cut the the strings on our blinds so that she could not reach them.

Use a Step/Room Gate:

When babies start to crawl, they love to try to crawl up stairs and enter every room. They could tumble down stairs and injury themselves. When my wife cleaned the kitchen my daughter loved to “help”. We use a stair gate to prevent her from trying to climb the stairs and restrict her entering the kitchen.

Pay close attention to them:

I know this may seem like a no brainier but sometime we get distracted. Even thought, this is last on the list it is the most important baby proofing method. The best thing we could do to protect our children is to pay close attention to them.

The best baby proofing device is YOU.

Take care of your baby.