It is mom again. Today, I took my daughter to the library to participate in story time.
I am trying to get her out more. She listened and watched a story and  played with the toys the library had. She did not interact with the other kids too much.

We still managed to have fun. A librarian read and acted out a story.After the story,she  gave out non toxic crayons and pictures,related to the story, that had to be colored. Surprisingly my daughter tired to color it. At home, she usually tires to eat the crayons. I guess that she didn’t want to feel left out;the other children colored their pictures. The activities were free of charge. Maybe you should check out your neighborhood library to see if they have story time. Trust me it is good for our children.

It is also good for you to get out. I also decided to reward myself by buying a cheese burger and fries. I don’t know whether that was good for me or not. But it felt good getting something for myself. Parents have to reward themselves sometimes.