Today, I tried doing too many things.

I went to my mother’s house to spend the day. My daughter and I went into the backyard, and I tried to teach her how to play Tennis. I am not a pro, but I just wanted to have some outdoor fun with her.

I also went to the grocery store while my mother baby-sat my daughter. When I was leaving she said,”ba bye byyye.” When I returned, my mother told me that my daughter started to cry. She is very attached to me and that scared me a bit. I want her to feel comfortable with my mother.

I also spent some time with my mother. I helped her cook. I like spending time with my mother and daughter. It worried that my baby cries when I leave her with my mom. My mother loves her a lot but sometime she is fussy. My mother said that my daughter calmed down when she saw Dora the explorer.

A mother’s day is alway busy even when she is not at home.