Month: May 2007

Tips on what baby stuff you will need

There are some essential that you will need for your baby. So here the are:

A place to sleep:

A bassinet until 3 months and later a crib.

Feeding your baby:

If your breastfeeding, then a nursing bra or sports bra are really good and lots of breast pads for leaks.If bottle feeding,then your will need a set of 6 bottles,a sterilizer and infant milk formula preferable powder milk.It is easier to digest when mixed with warm water.

Clothes for your baby:

For winter one-zee, jumpers and a one piece coat and two thick blankets.For the summer, vests and all in one outfits are appropriate.Don’t waste money on designer outfits they’re hard to wash and you’re baby will grow out of it quickly.Also you’ll need lots of diapers. read more

Five Easy Ways To Spend Time With Your Kids

1. Call Them From Work

Calling them from work shows them you care. I call my daughter from work everyday. Even though, she does not speak yet, she will know that her dad is thinking about her. We sometime have some many meeting ,we forget to call our children. Set aside at least 10 minutes to call your child. Or just skip a coffee break and call you child. They will give you the energy you need to get through the day.

2. Email Them

We check our at least twice a day , so we have to opportunity to email our kids. Some children spend more time online than watching TV. Send them an email telling them that you love them and that you look forward to chatting about their day when you get home. read more

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Stealing and Children

Today, I saw something very shocking .I guess this problem exist, but we don’t see it often or we just ignore it.

I was doing my laundry today in the laundry mart when a teenager stole $5 from the lady that was working in the laundry mart.The teenager went to the lady and ask her to buy a water, she had to leave the area she was working to get the water.On the table where she was working, she mistakenly left a $5 there,and he picked it up and put it in his pocket..

At the same time, he saw me watching him .When the lady returned with the water, he gave the $5 back to her and told her that he found it on the floor.From the look on the lady’s face she didn’t believe him.When he walked past me with his water,and he told me that he gave the money back to her.I felt very sorry for him because it seems he has problem.I decided to write about it and give some tips on how to react to this problems if we encounter it.

Why kids steal
read more

Pay Attention

“There isn’t any formula or method. You learn to love by loving-by paying attention and doing what one thereby discovers has to be done.”

~Aldous Huxley

Do you ever feel that your not connecting with you children?
Today, I will mention a few things I experienced and observed when we pay close attention to children.

3 thing we could learn by paying attention to our children:

They need our time:

Time is the most valuable thing you will ever give your children. . I remember reading an article where a CEO and his children were interviewed during their Caribbean vacation. The CEO said he enjoyed being a way from his busy work environment. His children said that they enjoyed spending time with their father. The CEO’s children further stated that the liked spending time with their father more than the vacation destination. Spending time with our children do not have to be expensive. read more

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8 Ways to Conquer Clutter

“I wish I had a talent for dropping things as well as taking on new ones. It gets to be quite a  clutter after a while.”
                                                                                                 ~Joshua Lederberg

Life has a funny way of storing itself. We have things in our apartments that we have not used in years. After the birth of our daughter, we realize that we had to make space for her things. Unfortunately, we had clutter in our closets and study area. Getting rid of  clutter was not easy but it can be accomplished. read more

3 tips on getting your baby to eat solid food

1.Start with rice Cereal:

I started feeding cereal to my daughter when she was 6months,but she really liked it when she was 9 months old. Mix cereal with breast milk or formula in a bowl ,and you should start with a little cereal. Most importantly, you should have a lot of patience.

2.Give them fruits:

Fruits are really good, and it digest fast. They also like it because fruits are sweet. Bananas is really good and when squeezed it becomes liquid which is easier for you to feed them. My daughter also loved  apple sauce and peach. Try your best to give your baby fresh fruits if possible. Every child different, so you will have to decide. read more