Hurt people hurt people – why bullying happens

This is a fantastic guest post from Thinking Family – Stop Bullying Forever. I hope that you will learn a lot from it!

As many as 85% of youths say they are bullied. How can that number be so high? Who is doing all this bullying? The answer may not be what you expect. Bullying, as it turns out, may be one big cycle of anger and violence that actually starts with a victim. The general idea is that people who are hurt then hurt others.

When a person hurts someone it not only damages them physically, it also damages their confidence and self-esteem. That person will then seek out ways to make themselves feel better. In many cases the way they go about that is to hurt someone else. When a person is hurt and feels small, they want to strike out so hurting someone else and making them feel small may make the bully feel better, at least for a short time. This starts the cycle. The first hurt person hurts a second person who then hurts a third person and so on. It doesn’t take long to see how one person being bullied can turn into two then three then five and so on. read more

Should You Get Pregnant in 20s 30s or 40s?

According to statistics, the fertility of a woman is best until 27 years and then gradually declines. With this decline comes the difficulty of conceiving a child. Women who try to get pregnant by 40 years and older experience advantages as well as disadvantages of childbirth that are quite different from those who get pregnant at an earlier age.

Some advantages that older women experience in pregnancy are education, experience, and financial stability. Mothers with good education tend to be good in parenting, and these valuable learning are seen in older women. These valuable learning may also come from the fact that women, and people in general, gain more experience as they age. In turn, these experiences make them financially stable because of established careers. These three advantages are synchronized to bring about the best in the holistic nurturing of baby with a secured future. More than that, these are also beneficial to older mothers because of lower stress levels in the whole duration of pregnancy read more

Taking Stress Out of Waiting to Get Pregnant

A lot of factors contribute to the success of a woman getting pregnant but it is quite difficult to determine exactly the duration of having a successful pregnancy.

Some factors that should be considered for couples who want to have a baby are intercourse or sexual contact that are timed following schedule of ovulation and cycle of women, and quality and quantity of sperm. In addition, couples should consider a healthy lifestyle free from smoking, alcohols, and drugs, a balanced and nutritious diet, and maintaining a normal weight for their age. These factors are more important for women who will bear the baby in their womb for nine months. Taking folate supplements and multivitamins, and avoiding caffeine also contribute significantly to a healthy childrearing. read more

Fish Oil or Krill Oil for Children?

Cooking oil has been generally used in wide area of food preparation, but a growing number of people are becoming more conscious of achieving a healthy body. While olive and coconut oil are some healthier options, people look into using alternative supplements to prevent diseases.

They say that taking a tablespoon of fish oil can make diseases avoidable, but what exactly is fish oil? Fish oil are supplements commonly used routinely by some people because of their belief that the components of fish oil can prevent cardiovascular diseases. The fact is, fish oil contains high amounts of linolenic fatty acids or Omega-3, and arachidonic acids. But preventing cardiac diseases cannot be attributed to these components according to evidences from research studies. The presumptive benefit of fish oil is only used by producers to market their products, and their claims are not even supported by clinical studies to prove the desirable effect. This led researchers to study other supplements to replace fish oil. read more

How to save money with coupons

Most of us are feeling the effect the strain that the economy is having on our wallets.

Everyone is trying to save money wherever they can.If you don’t use coupons to save money, then you should start. I found a great videos that show how we could save almost $700 a year by clipping and using coupons.

New Bundle of Joy – Update

People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one.
-L.J. Burke

Yesterday, our son became one month old. He is now about 7 pound and loves staring at his sister. We were a little worried about his low birth weight (4lb) ,but he has developed nicely. He does not like to be pampered but that seems to be changing.

Sibling Jealousy

His sister has become more jealous ,but she is coming along. Naturally, at first, our daughter did want to get all the attention and had a hard time accepting a new head in HER HOME. It is very important to give your first child their attention. We take care of our new baby ,but we make sure that we don’t ignore,forget or diminish our daughter’s craving for attention. Recently, she allowed her brother to play with a toy of her but only for a few minutes. read more